What Sacrifices Are Americans Making to Afford Housing?

It isn’t always easy to afford housing, whether you’re planning to rent or purchase a home. To pay off the mortgage or stay on top of the rent, many Americans need to make financial sacrifices. However, the kinds of sacrifices that a buyer or renter makes can vary from person to person. For example, it’s still common for buyers or renters to borrow money from family members to purchase a home. Others choose to take on a side hustle, take money out of their savings, or sell a valuable item. This isn’t always enough—many Americans are choosing to move to a more affordable area. To learn more about the current real estate market, get in touch with us today.

What are the limitations
on an inspection?

A real estate inspection or home inspection is not an appraisal or a check for compliance with building codes; it’s also not an evaluation of environmental hazards. See the NYS Standards of Practice for more information on the limitations of a home inspection.