Jim Chaize
Jim Chaize
October 11, 2022.
The evaluation that we received from Central Real Estate Inspections, from James Wurtenberg, is phenomenal. I never imagined he could give us so much information, so clearly put. This information is invaluable as we knew there were many problems to fix in our new house but were uncertain of the details. Mr. Wurtenberg's report has given us a guideline for all of it, including all the hidden things we didn't know about. When I couldn't figure out how to download the report. Mr. Wurtenberg stopped by and helped us. Truly money well spent! Highly professional and recommended.
October 3, 2022.
Fantastic detail. Jim was exceptionally thorough, patient in his explanation of findings and completely learned and knowledgeable in his field. Further he was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend central ny home inspections for peace of mind on your next home purchase.
Michael Dineen
Michael Dineen
September 7, 2022.
Jim is great to work with. Very professional throughout the entire process from the quote to completing the inspection. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone looking. It is worth every penny as Jim was very thorough and the inspection report provides great detail.
June 30, 2022.
Jim was very kind and very thorough, and it's clear that he knows what he's doing - he told us things about our home that even the seller didn't know! Would definitely recommend, thanks again for everything!
Colton Davis
Colton Davis
June 28, 2022.
Jim was extremely knowledgeable and did an awesome job at explaining what he found and what the implications would be. He is a great asset to have on your side when shopping for a new house!
Grace Carnall
Grace Carnall
June 4, 2022.
Jim was amazing! He was detailed and ease a lot of our anxiety buying a first home!
April 11, 2022.
I had a really good experience. Jim Wurtenberg was the inspector. We had a home and sewer inspection and radon testing. He showed up early om the day of the inspection and was there for about 3 hours. Jim went over the details of the inspection with me and made sure to answer any questions I had. At the end of the inspection he gave me a 3 ring binder to keep all of my paperwork in and to put the full report after he sent it (I got a full write up with pictures of everything the next day via email). He was very personable and made the inspection process easy. I would 100% call him again if I needed an inspection.

Our Inspection Services

Inspection is one of the most critical aspects of buying a new home. After you put in an offer and it is accepted, the next thing that happens is the home inspection. That inspection report will provide information about the home’s structure and systems that can significantly impact the final price for the home.
Central Real Estate Inspection will inspect over 1,500 items during each home inspection. Here are just some items that are standard for our inspections:

Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments most people ever make. Your decision will affect you for years to come and the inspectors at Central Real Estate Inspections understand that.

Rehab/Renovation Consulting

Imagine you want to purchase a home in your dream neighborhood. Stock of available homes is low but there is “that one that needs some work” still for sale.

Radon Testing

Whether your home is in the city, a suburban town, or a rural community we always recommend it be tested for radon. In fact, according to The World Health Organization, The U.S. Surgeon General, The Environmental Protection Agency…

Mold Assessment/Air Sampling

Mold is a multi-cellular fungus that requires three things to grow:

  • Moisture/water (generally more than 55% indoor humidity levels)
  • Organic food source (paper, fabric, sheetrock, etc.)

The entire inspection can last anywhere between two to three hours. The inspection report will inform you about any potential repairs to take of and what items you might want to replace. Those costs could become a “chargeback” on the home-buying contract. That means the price of the home could be lower to reflect the money you will need to put out for those repairs.

We Provide Reliable & Trustworthy Inspection Services

If this is your first time buying a home, you will want to make an informed decision. A home inspection can help with that decision-making process.
How expensive is a home inspection? The purchase of a home is the most significant financial investment a couple will make in their lives. You want to protect that investment from the start. The cost of a home inspection will be a fraction of what you will put into repairs.
There is no telling who the previous homeowners hired to work on that property. You will assume all of that workmanship. If that work is faulty, it becomes your responsibility when you take ownership. Before you close on the property, wouldn’t you want to know about that?
On the other hand, your home inspection can demonstrate that this is a worthy property to call home. When you need a thorough inspection on any property investment, you can count on Central Real Estate Inspections to handle the job right from start to finish.

WHY CHOOSE Central Real Estate Inspections

Nobody works harder for their clients. I dedicate 100% of my time and energy to delivering first-class service to YOU my customer. My philosophy about real estate is simple. I put myself in your shoes, treat you like family, and treat your money as if it were my own.


An example of what you can expect from our easy-to-read home inspection reports.

Our Service Areas

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Serving All of the Rochester New York areas.


You know someone is good when they guarantee their service. At Central Real Estate Inspections, we guarantee our competent and professional property inspection or your money back. We’ll even pay for another home inspection. It’s that simple.

We have complete confidence we will meet or exceed your expectations because we know our property inspection and property report will be thorough and professional. This is why we can comfortably offer this guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your home inspection, property inspection. we will refund your money and pay for the inspector of your choice.

This guarantee is just one more way we demonstrate our commitment to quality.


What are the limitations
on an inspection?

A real estate inspection or home inspection is not an appraisal or a check for compliance with building codes; it’s also not an evaluation of environmental hazards. See the NYS Standards of Practice for more information on the limitations of a home inspection.