How Basement Mold Appears

One of the last things you want to find in your home is mold. The basement is a common area to discover this substance. When you understand how basement mold grows, you can stop it from happening.

Water Problems

A flood or leaky pipe can not only cause immediate damage to the floor, walls or personal belongings, but it can develop mold over time. It is important to inspect for mold in the basement following any type of water issues.

Keep Plants Out

Plants can beautify an area, but they also attract mold. This substance feeds on leaves and soil. Keeping plants in basement rooms can become a breeding ground for mold in an area that is already more humid and prone to these issues.

What are the limitations
on an inspection?

A real estate inspection or home inspection is not an appraisal or a check for compliance with building codes; it’s also not an evaluation of environmental hazards. See the NYS Standards of Practice for more information on the limitations of a home inspection.